Rhino Group launches their Sustainability Development Journey

Rhino Group launches their Sustainability Development Journey

Published on Wednesday, August 28, 2019


The Rhino Group launched their long-term strategy towards achieving their Sustainable Development Goals to highlight their commitment towards sustainable development and mitigating the climate change impact.

As a widely respected socially responsible organization, Rhino has always considered sustainability as something well woven within their DNA. Throughout the last five decades, Rhino has placed paramount importance on embedding sustainable practices and community welfare into their business approach.

The sustainability initiatives launched were selected through the conduct of extensive research on Sri Lanka’s current socio economic situation and analysis of the gaps existing with respect to enhancing sustainable development.

Through the establishment of their four pillars of sustainability – ‘People, Product, Community and Planet’, Rhino has reshaped their business strategy to create a platform for sustainable development – a vital approach in their sustainability journey towards 2025.

Commenting on their journey thus far, Rhino Group Managing Director, E. J. Gnanam said, “Rhino’s sustainability development vision has a very wide perspective in terms of stakeholder engagement and building awareness whilst consistently linking participating communities to enhance the ideology of protecting the surrounding we live and operate in. We believe that by launching these four sustainability initiatives, we can empower social and economic sustainability and work towards securing the safety of the environment for future generations. By re-shaping our business strategy to align with four pillars of sustainability, we aim to bring forth a positive impact to both the environment and society – creating long-lasting value and providing a platform through which we can transform our nation”.

The four projects will focus on areas such as reforestation, life under water, waste management and green energy solutions. The projects are backed by a long term implementation strategy, aimed at realizing social and environmental benefits – thereby garnering a significant positive impact for Sri Lanka
These sustainability initiatives encompass a wide range of topics and aim to close significant existing socioeconomic and environmental gaps. The reforestation project which has already begun, will involve Rhino’s plans to replant large number of Kumbuk trees at identified locations across the island. Furthermore, Rhino intends on doubling the number of replantation of trees year on year. This initiative has been designed to increase the country’s forest density.

The life under water project strives to protect the welfare of sea creatures under threat due to climate change in Sri Lanka, thereby allowing populations to recover to acceptable levels. This project is slated to begin this year, Rhino will join hands with several stakeholders to carry out the project.

Rhino will commence their waste management initiative in the near future by partnering with several stakeholders. This project aims to implement collection drives for recycling waste and showcasing educational activities to advocate the importance of responsible disposal across the island.

The Green Energy project scheduled to begin next year, will provide solar powered roofing solutions for poor families within rural areas. This project focuses on expanding the amount of renewable energy

generated to reduce the energy costs of rural citizens. It will directly reduce carbon foot print as well as helping to eradicate poverty levels.
Rhino’s goal is to ensure that these projects not only contribute towards benefiting the biodiversity and wildlife conservation but will also result in community development and social benefits across the country. Therefore, the involvement and continuous engagement of the public will only accelerate the completion and enhance the quality of these initiatives.

Since their humble inception in 1962, Rhino Roofing Products have grown to become the premium providers of roofing solutions to the Nation. For decades, Rhino has been recognized as the noteworthy manufacturer of high quality roofing and allied products thus contributing towards invaluable infrastructure growth in Sri Lanka.

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